myParishApp Message: 01/12/2021 3:51pm

Because of new policies about cancelling schools for snow days and them not being publicized on television and news outlets, our new policy for whether or not Mass will take place will be that the decision is done on a case-by-case basis depending on whether.
IF MASS IS CANCELLED, an announcement will be put out on the mobile app, the cancelation/bad weather extension on the office phone will be changed to reflect the cancelation. Therefore, if the weather is bad enough for anyone to question if there is Mass or not, call the office or check the mobile app. If nothing is there, then Mass will take place.
For instance, today school was cancelled, however not put out to news media. No app message put out (except this one) and no message on the phone system, hence, there IS Mass tonight, Tuesday, at 6pm.
Father says, “if anyone has a question about attending Mass in bad weather, then most likely, they should stay home anyway and not venture out.”
Thank you and take care being careful in today’s freezing drizzle and pray for warmer temps and the sun to come out!