myParishApp Message: 05/20/2022 9:17pm

GAYLORD TORNADO. The tornado that hit Gylord this afternoon did lots of damage and there are numerous injuries. Everyone at the Cathedral and Diocesan Pastoral Center are OK, thanks to an employee’s husband who works for the weather service and gave them warning to head to the basement immediately, which they did. There is debris in the parking lot and trees around the building are flattened. However, Bishop Walsh went to where damage is to see how he could assist because of cars that were flipped over with the people inside.
Please pray for the people of Gaylord. One way to do so is to attend the 6pm Mass tonight, which is when we will honor our graduating High Schoolers, but will now include prayer for the people of Gaylord. Mass starts at 6pm at St. Mary/St. Charles.