myParishApp Message: 12/05/2020 8:17pm

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Fr. Duane has been telling all of us that we are to be the ones to proclaim that Jesus is the Light of the World, even in the darkness of the pandemic and the sins of the world, the Light of Christ is here! All 3 churches will be illuminated beginning tonight to show how Christ’s Light is here. After the 4:30 Mass this evening, you are welcome to gather in front of St. Mary/St. Charles church to see the front of the church shine forth in light and song to a special light show! Dress warmly or park inside your cars in the parking lot. Be sure to roll down your windows to hear the music and watch the show! BUT, then TELL everyone why we are doing this…to visually demonstrate the ever-present Light of Jesus in the world!