myParishApp Message: 12/24/2022 5:07pm

Because of trecherous roads and drifting of the snow, the Masses at Sacred Heart at 6pm, the Mass at St. Clement at 8pm and the Mass at St. Mary/St. Charles at 10pm are all CANCELLED.
There will be a 4pm Mass at St. Mary/St. Charles this afternoon, even if only for those who live close by. However, it is even difficult to keep the parking lot cleared enough to park. Since Father lives there, he will offer the Mass for anyone who braves the elements!

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, there will be a 9am Mass at St. Mary/St. Charles and NOW ADDED, a 12 noon Mass at St. Mary/St. Charles.

All three Masses will be live streamed and the 9am Mass will be on the radio as usual. But we are having audio problems with the livestreaming, so you may have to adjust your audio controls accordingly.

If you are a liturgical minister and can make one of these Masses, check in with Fr. Duane when you arrive to see if he needs you to serve in your ministry. Thank you and have a safe celebration of the Lord’s Birth.